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What are you waiting for? The newborn care field is growing daily, and The Newborn Care Training Academy is now offering dual enrollment for both Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist training. Upon completing our online workshop and competency exam you will recieve your certificate of completion! So join us for an online workshop for an economical price of $350!

Available Workshops

Please look around and see what workshops fit you best!

Online Newborn Care Specialist & Postpartum Doula Workshop

All newborn care courses are currently being offered online and will continue to be $350.

Enrichment Workshops

Enrichments courses are a great place to learn more about specific topics to advance your career! Breastmilk Handling, Carseat Safety, Safe Sleep, The Art of 24 Hour Care, Advanced Sleep and Working with Multiples. 

About Us

The Newborn Care Training Academy course educates individuals on caring for newborns (birth-3 months). Care techniques cover the profession of a newborn care specialist, basic newborn care practices, feeding, nutrition, breastfeeding, managing multiples, special consideration for premature infants, sleep and sleep conditioning, issues, ailments, and the care of a postpartum mother. The Newborn Care Training Academy course is not intended to train any student for a medical situation. Instead, students are evaluated on the mastery of the intended learning outcome through an online assessment. Students who master the intended learning outcomes are awarded a certificate for program completion.


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