Upon completion of the course each NCTA student must complete an exam to determine content competence and demonstrate the knowledge necessary to earn their certificate of completion. The NCTA final exam is administered online through Class Marker. The exam consists of 150 multiple choices, true/false, and fill in the blank questions. Students have 2 weeks following the completion of the NCTA curriculum to take their examination. Students who show mastery of the exam will be given a certificate of completion. The certificate will not allow students to use initials behind their name and they will not be “certified.”

Students must be 18 years of age, attained a minimum of a high school diploma, and be proficient with reading and writing English.

Online Students will also need a demo doll and the following swaddles (muslin blanket, miracle blanket, swaddle me and halo sleep sack) to demonstrate the ability to swaddle. Lastly, Online students will need the ability to Facetime or Skype for the swaddling demonstration. Further information on this component is detailed in the online course handbook you will receive upon entrance to the online course. Kits can be rented through the Newborn Care Training Academy.