Certification Information

You can now obtain certification through The Newborn Care Training Academy! To obtain certification you may follow the steps below. NCTA provides a service to the public by identifying individuals who demonstrate the knowledge required for the competent care of newborns. By extension, NCTA seeks to promote, protect and support newborn care for individuals and society.


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Complete your Newborn Care Specialist/Postpartum Doula training course through The Newborn Care Training Academy within the last five years and pass your exam. A refresher course is available for $50. Proof of examination is required for application.

  • Complete 1000 contact hours.
  • Serve a minimum of 3 clients.
  • At least one client must have twins or triplets.
  • Hours worked with clients from birth to 4 months of age are eligible.
  • Eligible shifts include 1-12-hour shifts, 24-hour shifts, and service dates up to 2 years prior.
  • Consultations and sleep training clients are applicable.


Compile your resume and references for submission with your application.

  • Your resume does not need to include detailed client duties.
  • References should include written testimonials about your services.
  • Three references are required.

A current background check and current infant CPR/First Aid certification are required. Certificates will need to be uploaded as proof.

Compiling Hours for Submission

It is recommended to use an Excel spreadsheet to compile your hours for submission.


If you are working with an agency, an agency owner can validate your hours for non-private clients. You still need to provide your hours on an Excel spreadsheet, but client contact information is not required if you have an agency validation letter.

Once you have completed all five prerequisites, you are ready to move on to Step 2 and submit your application.

It is important to remember that you will need all of these items to complete your application. Additionally, you will be required to pay an application fee of $100 to finalize your submission.