Join child sleep expert Tamiko Kelly in this workshop as she guides you through the process of teaching babies to sleep through the night by 12 weeks. Tamiko will cover how to set up a nursery, establish healthy sleep habits from day one, soothe a fussy baby, swaddles, night feedings, sleep training methods, implementation, how to get a baby to sleep longer stretches, day/night sleep, multiples sleep, how to get parents on board, sleep regressions, growth spurts, and how to break bad sleep habits.

This workshop covers starting a business and managing your business. Topics covered through this workshop include: building your mission statement, life style vs startup business, naming your business, establishing a business plans, financial responsibilities, retirement, taxes, setting goals, branding, determining your target market, insurance and liability, structuring and writing contracts, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, building a presence in social media, blogging, proper business communication and etiquette, client resource management (CRM), invoicing, mentors, paying yourself, time management and managing staff.

Course includes worksheets like social media mapping, what to bring to the bank to set up an account, goal setting mapping and more! Course also includes a private Facebook group for questions as you start your business.