There are a lot of different ways to swaddle. Included in the post is the Aden + Anais Blanket, Swaddle Me, Miracle Blanket, Halo Sleep Sack, Nuroo, Aden Easy Swaddle, and Ergo Swaddle .

Aden + Anais

1. Fold top corner down, line baby’s shoulders with the edge of the blanket.
2. Pull one side of the blanket over both arms and tuck smoothly under baby’s back.
3. Tuck the bottom portion of the blanket under baby’s shoulder.
4. Wrap remaining blanket under baby and tuck in the remaining flap.

Swaddle Me

1. Lay Swaddle Me Flat
2. Place baby’s legs in pocket
3. Pull non velcro side over both arms and tuck under back
4. Pull last flap across baby’s body and secure tightly

Miracle Blanket

photo 1(1)1. Lay blanket flat
2. Fold the armflaps over the outside of baby’s arms and tuck them snugly under baby’s back on each side.
IMPORTANT: You should lift the baby’s bottom to be sure the armflaps are flat and snug under baby’s back
3. Pull the footpocket up over the feet
4. Fold the right side of the blanket over baby’s belly and tuck it under the left arm pit (her right). This flap should wrap all the way under the baby’s back.
5. Wrap the left side of the blanket over the top of baby’s belly and all the way around until you run out of blanket. This is where it is important to pull the blanket snug. THE BLANKET MUST BE PULLED SNUG.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle NCTA Swaddle 1

1. Lay swaddle flat
2. Lay baby in swaddle, pull through arms, zip
3. Tuck arms in flap and tuck under back
4. Pull tight and secure flap with Velcro


Aden + Anais Easy Swaddle

NCTA Swaddle 41.Slide baby into easy swaddle, gently place baby’s arms across chest slightly bent at the elbow and tucked into the opening.
2. Fasten the snaps at the top, making sure baby’s arms stay tucked in.
3. Take the left side of the easy swaddle and bring it across your baby’s chest.
4. Take the right side of the easy swaddle and bring it across your baby’s chest. Bring the excess fabric around the back of your baby and fasten with the snaps to secure.

Nuroo Swaddle

NCTA Swaddle 21. With baby’s legs in pocket, pull top high to their chest, containing arms inside
2. Wrap the left panel over baby’s torso
3. Wrap the right panel and secure the fastener

Ergo Swaddler

ncta swaddle 5ncta swaddle 6

1. Place baby’s arms in left and right pockets
2. Take  left flap and pull tight and tuck under baby’s back
3. Take right flap and pull tight around baby and stick to velcro
4. Pull bottom flap between baby’s lefts and attached to velcro
5. Finally put baby’s legs in pocket and bring up to baby’s chest.