It is very different traveling with only your partner than traveling with a newborn. Once you add a newborn in to the mix, you have a lot more packing to do. With summer upon us I am sure many new parents are unsure of the necessities needed when traveling with their new baby.

If traveling by car tag team who sits in the back to entertain baby and stop often to feed and get baby out of seat. You will want to pack light so you aren’t overpacked with things you may not need.

Here are a few essentials that would be needed for your newborn:

·         Sleepsack – baby will need this to feel comforted and to go to sleep

·         Slumberpod (tent for over baby’s crib) – gives baby and parents privacy. It is a tent placed over baby’s sleep space that blacks out the baby’s sleep space. It is great when in a hotel room. The lights can be on in the room and babies’ space is still blacked out.

·         Travel pack and play- there are many packs and plays that break down and fit into a bag/backpack which is great for travel.

·         Baby monitor/ sound machine – there are many travels baby monitors and sound machines

·         Car seat – this is needed for if you plan to go anywhere while on vacation

·         Baby carrier to wear baby – baby wearing is sometimes easier than big bulky strollers when on vacation. Sometimes it is quicker to just place baby in a carrier.

·         Compact travel stroller – if you go the stroller route a compact travel stroller is the way to travel

·         Nursing cover/car seat cover (all in 1) – this will be beneficial while nursing in public or placing over the car seat to block the sun.

·         Diapers/ wipes/ extra clothes

·         Bibs/burp cloths

·         Diaper bag with changing pad

·         Thermometer/ baby Tylenol – you never know when you will need these items, so they are always great to bring along with you

Hopefully these tips for packing with a newborn will help you when planning your vacation this summer!

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