During the day if a baby is awake it will need some stimulation. Many people think there is not much to do with a newborn, however I can suggest several activities you can do with them when they are alert and awake. Caregivers and parents should be engaging with their newborn during the day when not sleeping. 

Go for a walk- if the weather is nice, a stroller ride is a great option to do as an activity for baby. This will allow for mom and baby or caregiver and baby to get outside and get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Baby will get some fresh air and spend some time outside of the house. Make sure baby is dressed appropriately and is protected from the sun.

Tummy time- this is an important activity baby can start doing from birth. You can place baby on a tummy time mat or blanket with toys or anything in front of them to look at and keep them engaged. Baby should be supervised by a parent or caregiver. Tummy time can also just be baby laying on parent/caregivers chest and lifting their head. There is no set time baby should have tummy time, however it is good for them to practice it daily. 

Music- it is nice to have music on for a newborn. Simple songs are a good source of stimulation. Don’t let baby get overstimulated from the music. If this happens turn it off and take them into a quiet space to calm them down. Babies learn from the songs they hear. It’s good for them to be around noise and not always in silence. 

Bouncy chair- this is a good option for a baby when it is awake during the day. Often times these seats have toys that hang and baby can be stimulated by them and try to reach their arm/hand up and grab them. It is important to buckle baby into the seat properly and to supervise them while in it. Don’t let baby be in the bouncy seat for too long as it can overstimulate them. 

Activity mat- this is another great activity for newborns. Activity mats lie on the floor with toys hanging from them. This can be used from day one and they will continue to use them for months. They help with hand eye coordination and allow baby to become independent while playing. 

Floor time- you can lie a blanket on the floor and lay baby on it with toys to the left and right of them. This will have baby move it’s head from left to right to look at the different toys. You can engage with your baby while playing

Reading books- this is an important activity you can do with your baby. Read read read to your newborn. Babies learn from you talking to them! They hear what you are saying and may enjoy looking at a book with you. 

As you can see there are many activities you can do with your newborn even from day one! 

For more information on activities you can do with your baby during the daytime when they are awake visit www.ncta.online. The online self-paced courses Newborn Care Specialist Workshop and Managing Multiples will provide you with more information.