Many parents and caregivers don’t know when to stop swaddling. Here is a good guide, and a few tips on when and how to stop swaddling.

Baby can roll to tummy

Once a baby can roll to their tummy, it is time to stop swaddling their arms in. If they roll over to their tummy and their arms are swaddled in, they can’t roll over on to their backs which puts them at a higher risk for SIDS.

Baby is constantly breaking out

If baby is constantly breaking out, it leaves loose bedding in their crib which can also be a risk for SIDS. Try double swaddling, or a different swaddle. One of the best swaddlers for babies who break out is the Miracle Blanket. If you double swaddle, be mindful of the temperature, and only use a diaper if needed.

Baby is moving around crib

Swaddling should be stop for the same reason as above. If baby is moving around the crib it’s likely the swaddle is moving around them or becoming loose in the crib putting the baby at risk for SIDS.

Baby is older than 4 months

Once the baby reaches four months, it’s time to ditch the swaddle. They will need to learn to sleep without it soon enough, and the habit can become really hard to break after they reach 4 months.

Tips for Ditching the Swaddle

  • Swaddle with one arm out
  • Stop naptime swaddling first, then nights
  • Use a swaddle that can still be wrapped under around the chest