Welcome to the Newborn Care Training Academy’s 8 week blog series on starting or improving your business. We are so thankful that you have chosen to follow us through this series! Let us be the first to say congratulations on taking steps to start your business, or if you have an established business, there is always an opportunity to learn more and better grow your business. We hope that you will follow along and learn a little bit about starting, growing, or developing your business.

In this series we will be covering tips on how to get started, why branding and marketing are important, how and why you should set goals, effective communication via phone and email, contracts, and managing and building a social media following. We get many emails asking how to start, develop, or grow a business so we’ve decided to meet your needs through this blog series. However, we realize that we simply cannot cover everything in this blog series so we have an exciting announcement. We are rolling out a business workshop, especially designed with you in mind.

The business workshop will be available through our advanced learning website, on demand. This means that you can purchase the class and get started whenever you are ready. There will be no need to wait for an enrollment email or permission to get started. It is hosted and written by Newborn Care Training Academy co-founders, Haleigh Almquist and Brittany Hunt. It is a professionally recorded video, with a PowerPoint and handouts to compliment your learning experience. This class will be three modules, Starting a Business, Managing a Business, and Growing a Business. Topics covered will include the following: Services, naming, business planning, goal setting, branding, target markets, insurance and liability, effective marketing, contracts, web design, social media, Search Engine Optimization, blogging, intake calls, emails, client resource management, and invoicing.

This workshop will complement our blogging series and will certainly benefit those of us who own, or plan on starting a small business geared towards new moms. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions. We are excited to go on this journey with you!