As a Newborn Care Specialist you will have close contact with newborns, and therefore, may easily share germs with them. There are ways to help prevent the spread of germs. Here are some tips! Some may seem obvious, but reminders can always be helpful!

-Wash those hands!!

I know what you’re thinking! Well…duh! But how many of us actually forget (or just don’t) wash our hands as long as we should? Wash them as soon as you enter your client’s home and you should be scrubbing those hands for at least 20 seconds. That goes for anytime before and after you eat, after using the restroom, after scratching your nose or have your hands by your mouth, etc. When in doubt, wash those hands (at home AND at a client’s home)! We teach our kids to sing the ABC’s while they wash their hands so we should, too!

Or maybe you’d rather sing a chorus from a Taylor Swift song? Whichever you choose, don’t cut your hand washing short because you’re in a rush. As a Newborn Care Specialist who works so closely with newborns, it is not worth the risk!

Oh! And you can help wash the baby’s hands as well! They have their hands up by their face a lot so it never hurts to be extra careful.

-Cough and sneeze into your elbow!

Doing so can help prevent the germs from spreading into the air. If you aren’t already in the habit of doing this then start today! You will still need to make sure you clean the area you coughed or sneezed into, but it won’t have to be so immediate if your can’t wash your hands right away! 

-Limit your exposure!

Let those around you know that you work as a Newborn Care Specialist who works closely with newborns and that you’d like to be informed if anyone you may be coming in contact with is sick or has been recently. Of course, this can be tough! But always make sure to ask ahead of time. You can also limit the newborn’s exposure by educating the parent(s). Let them know to limit how much the baby gets passed around, to inform others not to kiss their baby (RSV is a serious illness in babies!), to make sure that those who do hold the baby have washed their hands well, (maybe share with them that Taylor Swift song you wash your hands to!), and keep baby close when out and about! Babywearing is a great tool to prevent others from thinking they can touch the baby whenever they want!

-Wear a mask! 

If you have been recently exposed to someone who was sick or may be starting to come down with something yourself, make sure to wear a mask. If your client is still ok with you coming in, you still want to ere on the side of being cautious. Keep a supply on hand so you lower the risk of spreading it to the baby. 

As a Newborn Care Specialist, preventing the spread of germs is so important! Do anything you can to help prevent those little ones from getting sick!