There are so many great benefits of skin to skin contact for newborns AND their parents. As a Newborn Care Specialist it is great to encourage it. Most think of it as just something to help develop the bond between mother and child, but there are many more benefits. Share them with your clients!

  • Easier transition from the womb – Newborns stabilize better with skin to skin contact
  • Body temperature regulation – Newborns do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature like adults. Skin to skin is great post bath times and when they are sick.
  • Helps the newborn bond with dad – Skin to skin with dad is so important for both dad and baby!
  • Regulates newborns blood sugar – Newborns use blood sugar for energy so regular skin to skin can help stabilize it!
  • Improves heart and lung function – The birthing process is traumatic on a newborn’s body and skin to skin can help their bodies adjust outside the womb quicker.
  • Brings out the Love Hormone – AKA Oxytocin. Mom just went through her own trauma by giving birth. Skin to skin helps mom be able to calm, heal and love on her newborn.
  • Less crying – Studies suggest that 3 hours of skin to skin contact per day can reduce infant crying by over 40%! In turn this creates less stress in the parents!
  • Better sleep – Skin to skin helps the baby fall asleep easier!
  • Better gut health – Skin to skin contact helps the baby’s digestive system mature and in turn also helps increase their immune system.

While working with your clients make sure to share these benefits. If your clients agree then make sure you encourage it during times you’re able to while you are working as well as letting them know how to fit it into their time when you’re not. The benefits are so great for everyone involved!