As a newborn care specialist or a new (or repeat!) parents, you may be seeing a lot of people talk about baby wearing. You may have even tried it your self here or there or want to try it out. There are many options that can feel overwhelming, especially since it is an item that may not be cheap. You want to make the right choice. Here are some of the baby wearing products out there to choose from.

Ring Sling: This is one long piece of fabric with a large ring on one end. You wrap it around you and your baby and feed one end of the fabric into the large ring in a specific way to secure and pull to tighten. This creates a secure pouch for the child to sit in.

Wraps: There are many different types but the most basic is just one long piece of fabric that you can wrap around your body in different ways to create different types of holds for the baby to be secure in.

Structured Carrier: This type of carrier has more structure and is like a backpack because you have straps you put over your shoulders. Most are made to wear on your front and some can be made to switch to a back carry when the child is old enough. There are clips and straps to help get it on and secure.

Like anything, there are many different brands and types of each carrier. While someone may excel at a wrap, others may find it hard and like the structured carrier, and another may love the ring sling. The best thing to do is to try before you by. See if a friend or family member may have one you can try, or see if there are any local babywearing groups near you. Most will have all types of carriers they lend out so you can get a feel of what fits you well and what you are most comfortable in.

Make sure to also research the safest ways for your baby to worn. You want to make sure they are secured correctly to prevent any hip or other issues that can be caused by misuse. You can find most type of babywearing groups on Facebook as well as many You Tube Videos and articles on how to use each one.