During this time of COVID, everyone has had to figure out their “new normal”. Whether you had to leave an office and work from home, got furloughed, lost your job, or things at your job have had to develop new routines and policies there is a lot to figure out. If you’re working as a caregiver then each job will have it’s own unique set of new policies. Here are some tips to help you keep having a successful caregiving career while hopefully staying healthy.

First off, make sure to be on top of the ever changing CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. You will want to follow them while not at work as much as possible. It is so important to be mindful of those you are caring for while you are not at work. While you are at work, you need to follow as many as you can while still allowing yourself to be able to do the job you were hired for.

Talk to your employers. Each one will have a different idea of what they are comfortable with and what they aren’t ok with. Do they want you to wear a mask while in their home? Will they want to take your temperature as you walk in the door? Will they just want you to be open and honest about if you know you may have been exposed or if you are having any symptoms? Whatever they are requiring from you, you should be comfortable with those requirements. If you aren’t, have that conversation with them. If you can’t come to an agreement then you may need to go your separate ways. Be mindful that this has been hard for everyone and in different ways. The family you work for are making decisions based of their needs.

If you have a contract, make sure to revisit it. Go over all the points and what needs to be updated to go along with all the new policies. Make sure you have a conversation with your employers about what to do if someone has been exposed, if you need to be quarantined will you still be paid, if the job has to end abruptly will there be severance pay given, etc. You don’t want something to come up and then have to scramble to figure it out then. If you don’t have a contract then make sure you get one written up as soon as possible and have a meeting with your employers so you can agree on all parts.

We know everyone has had to make lots of sacrifices during this unimaginable time of COVID. Being educated on what is going on from legit websites, have open and honest communications with your employers, and following the CDC protocols as much as you can will help you get through this time successfully.

Stay healthy and safe!