Have you ever thought about a career change? I was a preschool teacher for 5 years until I made the decision to switch my career to a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS). I was working two jobs before making the switch. I taught full-time at a small preschool and worked 3 nights a week overnight as an NCS. A typical day would be teaching from 7:30-3:30 and working overnight from 9 pm-7 am. I would go from overnight work to teaching. It is no secret. This was exhausting, but the money was great.

I knew I could not continue working both jobs. I needed time with my family and for myself. There were pros and cons to teaching vs. NCS, which kept me questioning what the best decision was for me. Teaching was daytime hours vs. NCS overnight hours. Spending my days with 6-12 two-year old’s vs. spending my nights with a newborn. Money was significantly higher as an NCS, and I could work fewer nights and make more money. Additionally, if I worked overnight, I would have my days free.

A major concern of mine was if I would be able to keep myself employed full-time as an NCS. Whatever job I had needed to be full-time. I eventually made the switch from teaching to a full-time NCS. It was the best decision I have ever made. I love my nights snuggling, feeding, and soothing newborns. I love meeting new families and becoming part of their families and friends. I love making as much money as I want depending on how much I choose to work. With that said, I have been a full-time overnight NCS since I quit teaching 5 years ago.

I learned in order to continue to be a full-time overnight newborn care specialist I needed to book clients back-to-back. I book significant contracts far in advance for job security. I also realized to acquire clients and sign a contract with me I needed experience and qualifications to make me a strong candidate for the position. I received this experience and the qualifications through www.ncta.online. If you are interested in making a career switch as I did and becoming a full-time NCS we offer a guide to earning your certification course and Nanny to NCS online course.