Swaddling is a technique used to calm babies by wrapping them tightly to mimic that of them inside the womb. The tightness and confinement are supposed to comfort them. There are many guidelines to follow when swaddling to keep baby safe. There are a few different situations that can danger the baby once the baby becomes more mobile.

So, when do I safely swaddle a baby?

If the baby is showing signs of overstimulation for instance: being wide awake when should be going to sleep, fussy or just cannot get comfortable, it may be a good idea to swaddle the baby. This will help ease the overstimulation and comfort the crying baby.

A newborn should also be swaddled whenever they are going to sleep. It is recommended to swaddle when it is naptime or bedtime, so baby associates the swaddle with sleeping.

Swaddling is also highly recommended in preemies because they often become overstimulated. It is best to have a preemie swaddled for most of the day the first few weeks after being born.

There are so many swaddles on the market right now. It is best to know how to effectively use the swaddles. Make sure if you are using a blanket to swaddle or a swaddle me that it is below the shoulders, so it does not ride up over the infant’s face. The blanket or swaddle should not be close to the baby’s face as this can be an issue. The blanket or swaddle should also be a little looser around the legs.

When should I stop swaddling a baby?

A baby should not be swaddled anymore when they are rolling from back to belly. Baby will need their arms and legs to roll themselves over and a swaddle will keep them restricted. However, there are many sleep sacks that are safe for a baby who rolls over.

A baby should also not be swaddled when they are moving all around the crib or starts to break free of their swaddle.

It is recommended that after four months baby is not swaddled anymore. This may be a good time to transition baby to a sleep sack or many parents just have their baby sleep in a sleeper.

For more information on swaddling a newborn visit the online courses at www.ncta.online. The Newborn Care Specialist workshop, Advanced Sleep Training Workshop, Safe Sleep Practices, and Sleep Conditioning are all online courses that will provide you with more information about swaddling a newborn.