There are many responsibilities you will encounter as an NCS. Each family is different in what they may expect or want from their NCS. Each job will look a little different depending on the client’s needs. The most important responsibility of an NCS is to make sure the parents are happy from their experience with you working in their home.

The most common responsibilities you may see as an NCS are:

·         Bathing – many first-time parents will want their NCS to guide them on giving their first bath. Other parents may want you to bathe their baby at night or in the morning on your shift.

·         Feeding – As an NCS you will most likely feed the baby a bottle whether it be breastmilk or formula unless mom is exclusively breastfeeding.

·         Dressing- you may need to change baby into their pajamas before bed, may need a change in the middle of the night if pajamas get soiled or may need to get baby dressed for the day.

·         Diapering- as an NCS you will be changing the baby’s diaper before each feed and if they need one in between.

·         Cleaning & preparing bottles- Many NCS’s will clean bottles before they leave their shift in the morning. Parents may also ask for their NCS to prepare their bottles for the day. You may also be asked to clean pump parts for mom if she is pumping.

·         Age- appropriate activities during daytime hours – If you are working a day job or a 24 hour shift you will want to plan daytime activities with the baby. This may include tummy time, swing, activity mat or a stroller ride.

·         Stocking and maintaining the nursery- As an NCS we spend a lot of time in the nursery. It is important to keep diapers and wipes stocked along with anything else you may use often. If getting low on something it is important to let mom and dad know so they can get more.

·         Keeping nightly logs or tracking forms- many parents will ask their NCS to keep track of feedings, diapers and possibly sleep times throughout the night.

An NCS would typically provide instruction for parents on:

·         Daily goals as far as eating, sleeping, wake times and a schedule.

·         How to swaddle correctly

·         Bedtime routines

·         Self-soothing techniques

·         Sleep conditioning methods

·         Reflux and colic management

·         Preemie infant care

·         Breastfeeding holds and guidelines.

For more information on the responsibilities of a Newborn Care Specialist visit The online self-paced course Newborn Care Specialist Workshop will provide you with more information.