Having a baby is so exciting and emotional. One of the first things parents think about are what to name their unborn baby. It is one of the hardest things to decide on. Choosing a name that your child will have for the rest of its life is a huge decision. Will people judge it, does it sound ok, will the name fit the baby are all questions parents may ask themselves. It is very hard finding a name you love and then making sure your partner also likes it is challenging as well.

With my first, it took forever to decide on a name. I knew I liked unique and different names, but my husband just could not agree with me. Finally, I heard a name I liked, and I walked into the room and said to my husband what about this name? He said, yea I like that. And that was the name. It is terrifying choosing a name and making it legal. What if the baby does not look like the name, we want to give it? What if our family doesn’t like it? What if we end up not loving it for our child?

If this is your first time trying to pick the perfect name for your unborn child, let me give you some advice from going through our journey of choosing a name my partner and I both agreed on.

Elimination Techniques– My partner and I used an app to choose baby names we both liked. We both had the app on our phones, and we would go through the different baby names. If there was a name one of us liked, we had to swipe a certain way. On each of our apps we could see names we both liked. After we did this, I made a list of all the names we liked, and we eliminated names.

I know we all have names we have loved since we were a child. I also had those names written in my note app on my phone. I took all the names I loved and added them to the list. My husband and I used process of elimination to come up with a name we both agreed on.

Choose names that honor– A lot of people use names that honor their grandparents or parents or maybe a death in the family or someone who means a lot to them. Some baby names come from within the family to honor the family. My child’s middle name is my maiden name honoring my dad’s side of the family.

Don’t tell people – We used this technique with my pregnancy. If you are worried people will judge the name you have chosen for your baby, just do not tell them the name. Keep the name a secret. If people don’t know the name, they can’t say anything about it. Once the baby is born and you give the baby a name, they more than likely will not judge it because they have the bundle of joy in their life. Knowing the name ahead of time allows people to have the time to say things about it. People’s judgement may make you change your mind with the name you want to give your baby.

Consider nicknames – When deciding on a name for your baby, also consider the nicknames people could give your baby with that name. Are you ok with them? If not, you may reconsider the name. I thought of the nicknames my child may be given with every name I liked. However, people may not nickname your baby unless you do.

Deciding and agreeing on a name can be stressful but can also be very fun and exciting. Do not let it overwhelm you and do not let other people’s opinions get in your way. It really is not a big deal and whatever you name your baby people will love it.

For more information on becoming a new parent visit www.ncta.online. The Newborn Care Workshop will provide you with more information on everything you need to know.