Sometimes a family wants to have a consultation to help set up the nursery. They may not know where to begin, they may just not want to do it, or their baby may have come earlier than expected. Here are some great tips to help set up a nursery:

–          It is important to open furniture and mattress from original packaging and let it sit out 60 days before the baby arrives or starts to use it. It is also important to make sure an organic baby mattress is purchased. Baby spends a lot of time sleeping on the mattress. It is always a good idea to get an organic and breathable one.

–          A comfortable glider for sitting in and feeding the baby is another important piece of furniture to purchase. Many hours are spent sitting in this chair. You want to make sure you test it out before purchasing.

–          It is important to keep the nursery dark during the night while the baby is sleeping. Black out shades are essential and will be used during naps and nighttime.

–          A sound machine is one of the first items recommended to new families. Every nursery should have a white noise machine. This is to block out the noise outside of the nursery and soothe the baby as they are used to hearing this sound inside mom’s belly.

–          It is always important to keep in mind the temperature in the baby’s room. It should always be around 68-72 degrees.

–          A monitor is an important purchase for parents. Make sure the cord is tucked away and out of the baby’s reach.

–          You may want to childproof the room before putting it together completely.

–          Remember no crib bumpers, no toys in the crib, no loose blankets, no pillows, and no stuffed animals in the crib.

–          A changing station is a good idea to have in the nursery.

For more information on how to prepare the soon to be newborns room visit The Newborn Care Workshop will provide you with more information on how to properly set up your nursery for your new baby.