New parents, soon to be parents, tired parents, parents of multiple children are in desperate need of childcare. New parents realize they are exhausted after just having a baby and desperately begin searching for overnight help or daytime help on google. They will likely come across Hush Hush Little Baby and will contact the company through email and sometimes phone. If it is through email, they will receive an automated email back asking the new parents to schedule a time for a call. Once a call is scheduled the admin will reach out to the potential new client and answer any questions they may have about newborn care and find out exactly what kind of care and how much care they are looking to have for their newborn. Many parents have questions such as:

·         Rates? They depend on education and experience.

·         Education and experience? All team members have different certifications and a range of years of experience. But all team members are required to take the Newborn Care Specialist course.

·         Additional fees or agency fees? No additional fees

·         What are the minimums? 8 hours overnight, 4 hours during the day

·         What do overnight newborn care specialists do? Depending on breastfeeding or bottle feeding the team memberswill care for baby overnight while parents get some rest. If mom is breastfeeding, once baby starts to wake team member will change their diaper and bring baby to mom. Once mom is finished feeding, she will text the team member and they will get baby from mom, burp baby, swaddle baby and get baby back to sleep. This would continue throughout the night. If bottle feeding, the team member would care for baby throughout the night while mom and dad were able to sleep. The team member would keep a log for the parents of diapers and feeds. The team member will wash anything that needed to be washed before shift ends like bottles or pump parts. The team members are also there to help educate and answer any questions the clients may have.

·         What services does Hush Hush Little Baby offer? Overnight Care, 24 hour care, day time services, lactation support, sleep training, labor doula services, newborn care consultations

·         How many nights and weeks do people typically have care? A range but typically start at 3-4 nights for 4-6 weeks to start

·         What are the next steps? We will send the job description out and we will send over team members profiles who are available to fill the position. Potential clients will look through profiles and be set up with interviews.

·         When should I start the process of finding a caregiver? Sooner the better as we book quickly

All these questions and more are thoroughly explained through a phone call. Many pregnant mothers reach out in advance to get the process started and to make sure they have care lined up for after they give birth. It is good to reach out ahead of time to assure you get the perfect team member to work with your family.

It is important for mom and dad to get their rest so they can be up and ready to care for and enjoy their baby during the day. It is also important for mom to heal from labor. Having an overnight caregiver is very beneficial to mom and dad.

For more information on the services Hush Hush Little Baby offers visit and visit There are many online courses that will help you understand more about our services. The art of 24-hour care will explain what a caregiver’s responsibilities are when with a client for 24 hours. The advanced sleep training course will go over methods our sleep trainers use and the newborn care specialist online course will give an overview of what Newborn Care Specialist do.