It is up to the Newborn Care Specialist if they are will to travel with a family or not, but in most cases yes an NCS will travel for work. 

It is required that the family pay for the NCS’s travel including airfare, accommodations, food and the NCS’s 24 hour rate. 

During the time of travel the NCS will assist family with baby on the plane and wherever they are traveling to. The NCS will care for baby overnight and during the day and will also be required to have a 4 hour break. This break can be agreed upon the family and caregiver. The responsibilities of the NCS would be feeding baby, assisting baby with healthy and safe sleep habits, and caring for baby during the day. During the day caregiver will give baby tummy time and play with baby along with keeping baby on a good routine. The caregiver should assist mom with whatever she may need help with pertaining to the baby. The caregiver should also tidy up the baby’s area and wash anything that needs to be washed including bottles, pump parts etc. 

Some caregivers may have a travel fee, but most charge their daily rate. It is nice for families to have different options of care when choosing the right team member. Many clients travel often and want the assistance from a caregiver. 

For more information on a 24 hour caregiver and what their responsibilities are visit and also visit The online course The art of 24 hour care will provide you with everything you need to know.