When deciding what kind of pump to use or if you even need a pump, it is important to consider what mom’s needs will be. Will breast/chest fed baby always be taken along with mom or will mom be returning to work and need expressed milk? Mom may need to run errands and may need some expressed milk. Many women also find that they can express milk by hand if needed.

A few things to think about when thinking about pumps are:



Noise level

How easy is it to use


Battery operated or need to be plugged in

There are manual hand pumps that are a cheaper option and a good option for moms who want to occasionally pump when express milk is needed. These are small and easy to transport.

A full size automatic electric pump will usually supply mom with a larger milk volume. These pumps have a suck-release cycle that is close to a baby’s suck whereas a small pump may not get as much milk. These pumps are efficient and quiet, although not as portable as a manual pump. Pumps that are rented the cost varies however mom will need to purchase the equipment that attaches to the pump. Mothers who need to pump their milk daily often choose to purchase their pump. The come with a pump bag, all the accessories needed to pump both breasts at the same time and work well for working moms. However, if a mother needs to pump to increase her milk supply, the hospital grade rental pumps are the best option.

Today, many insurance companies cover the cost of breast pumps. There are many different companies you can reach out to see if a breast pump is covered under your insurance. Usually if it is, there are many different breast pumps to choose from.

For more information on how to choose the perfect breast pump check out the online courses at www.ncta.online. The online self-paced course Pumping Masterclass for Postpartum Care Providers and the Newborn Care Specialist workshop will provide you with more information on how to choose the right breast pump for you!