There are a few main positions an NCS can work: overnight care, temporary day care, awake care, 24-hour care and consultations. Overnight care and 24-hour care are the most common positions for an NCS, but temp day care and consultations are also quite common right now.

Overnight Care is the most popular and most requested service for a Newborn Care Specialist. An overnight care position usually starts between 7pm-10pm and ends around 6am-8am. It is up to the clients how long they prefer the shift be, however, there is an 8-hour minimum per shift. As an overnight care provider, your job is to educate the parents on all the essential newborn care information. Newborn Care Specialist’s are required to take an educational course to learn more information about newborn essentials.

Temporary Day Care has become extremely popular in the past year. Some clients want care during the day for their newborns. There are many Newborn Care Specialists who only work day jobs, or only work overnight jobs, however, some NCS’s work both. It is up to the Newborn Care Specialist on what their time minimum may be many caregivers choose to require at least a 4-hour minimum. Daytime care is a great time to help educate parents on things that may be happening during the day while you are there.

Awake Care is when a client requires their caregiver to stay awake for the duration of their shift. This can be hard on the body and many caregivers choose not to take these positions. If a caregiver does take an awake care position, they usually require a much higher rate. It is important for an awake caregiver to get good sleep during their days.

24-Hour Care requires a Newborn Care Specialist to work 24 hours a day for a family. Twenty-four hour care can be any combination of days a week and usually last 12-16 weeks. It is important for the caregiver to communicate with the family on what their duties may look like while they are there. This could include laundry, household chores, baby duties, but the responsibilities should be worked out in the contract before committing.

Consultations can be a one to five hour in home meeting and then phone call or email follow-ups. It is important to have a separate contract for consultations. There are different types of consultations. These may include sleep training, breastfeeding, nursery setup, registry help, hospital visits, etc.

For more information on how to become a Newborn Care Specialist or learning more information on the different positions of a Newborn Care Specialist visit The online self-paced courses Newborn Care Specialist Workshop, A Guide to Earning Your Certification, and The Art of 24 Hour Care will provide you with more information.