Each year many children are injured in car accidents. Proper use of car seats can keep infants/children safe. It is so important as a caregiver or parent who is using the car seat in any capacity to be aware of car seat safety and how to use it properly. It is always a good idea to read the manual for any car seat that a baby is using while in your care.

Examples of car seat safety that caregivers and parents should be aware of are:

·         How to properly install the car seat

·         How long should baby rear face for

·         What info can you find on a car seat that you need to know

·         Proper clothing children should be wearing while buckled into the car seat

·         How the straps and harness should look when baby is in the seat

·         Height and weight limits

·         Infant seat should be secured with the infant seat base or seat belt – NOT BOTH

·         Infant seats should not be placed behind an airbag

·         Always loosen straps when taking a baby out of the carrier and tightened when baby is put back in

·         Babies should never nap in a car seat

·         Added accessories should never be used with infant carriers

·         Infant seats should not be placed on top of grocery carts

Each year the guidelines are changing, and every car seat is different. Make sure you read the manual before installing it into your car. Make sure your car seat has not been recalled. It can be overwhelming when choosing a car seat, however, it is important to choose the safest one for our children.

If you have any questions or concerns, please find more information on car seat safety at www.ncta.online. The online self-paced course Car Seat Safety will provide you with all the information you need to know about properly installing your car seat and the safest way to travel with your little one!