Often infants develop diaper rashes. A diaper rash is a group of inflammatory skin disorders occurring in any area covered by a diaper in infants. This can occur from the different types of diapers used, the type of wipes used, type of soap or lotion around the baby’s diaper area or even a type of diaper cream.

Diaper rashes grow in warm and moist places. Sometimes a baby may be sitting in its dirty diaper for too long which may cause a diaper rash. They can occur at one week of life but peaks at nine to twelve months of life. A yeast related diaper rash is more likely to occur in babies who:

·         Are not kept clean and dry

·         Are taking medicine

·         Have bowel movements often

When a baby has a diaper rash you may notice it looks like:

·         Bright red rash that is getting bigger

·         Very red around the penis

·         Very red around the vagina

·         Pimples, blisters or large bumps or pus-filled sores

·         Smaller red patches

The best treatment for a diaper rash is to keep the diaper area clean and dry to prevent new rashes.

·         Always wash your hands after changing a diaper

·         Parents should talk to pediatrician about a topical cream to use

·         Change diapers frequently

·         Avoid using wipes that have alcohol or scent

·         Never use corn starch on baby’s bottom

·         Whenever possible air baby out without a diaper

·         Allow baby to air dry

·         Put diapers on loosely to allow air circulation

There are many different types of diaper creams that work well to clear up a diaper rash. Talk to your pediatrician to see which best would work for your baby.

For more information on diaper rashes visit www.ncta.online. The online course Newborn Care Workshop will provide you with more information on the different types of rashes and how to cure them.