It is extremely important to stay current in the field to any Newborn Care Specialist, and there are a wide variety of options to expand and update your education on newborn are. Expanding your knowledge makes you more marketable and valuable to potential clients. They feel secure knowing you can and will provide them with the care they need.

Personal study is an easy way to make sure you are up to date on information and techniques. You can read online articles and in print that can be used to educate you. It is very important as a caregiver to keep up with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines.

Conferences can be a great way to learn information in a short amount of time. During conferences you may learn about new products and may see in person demonstrations on how to use the product. The International Nanny Association hosts an annual conference every year in a different city. This conference offers different educational topics with seminars and workshops.

College courses are an important asset to include on your resume. College courses are not required to become a Newborn Care Specialist, but it is a good way to continue your education. Early Childhood Development courses would be good examples of courses to broaden your education.

Certification courses are a great way to learn specific skills that potential clients would like to see in caregivers. Most certification courses are short, inexpensive, at your own pace, and you receive a certification of completion. Examples of important certifications would be CPR certified, First Aid certified, infant massage, sleep consulting, Newborn Care Training, and lactation courses.

Consultation’s specialties are courses offered for you to gain knowledge and education in order to provide consultations for parents. These would include lactation and sleep training consultations. It can be beneficial to receive these certifications to add to your resume and to expand your job opportunities.

For more information on continuing education for the Newborn Care Specialist visit There are many online courses that will provide you with the continued education you may be looking for.