We are new parents and have no idea what we are doing? What kind of help can we get?

Consultations are meetings one on one or on the phone with the new parents. They can range from setting up a nursery to sleep training or just helping the new parent(s) get organized with a plan.

A consultation can be a one to five hour in home meeting followed up with email and phone calls to support and educate the parents until they feel comfortable. It is important to outline the amount of time of communication included after the initial consult.

There are many different types of consultations offered including:

·         Sleep training

·         Breastfeeding

·         Nursery setup

·         Registry help

·         Hospital visits

·         General newborn care

Sleep training consults would be done by certified sleep consultants. They would customize a plan that works best for your family. They will assess your baby’s current sleep habits and figure out why they are not sleeping. You will have phone/ email support, a consultation to understand you and your baby’s needs and a plan to get your baby sleeping longer.

Nursery setup consultations would take place in home or over the phone. The team member would make recommendations on what you will need for the nursery and how to set it up to best fit your needs.

Registry help would be provided by the consultant. This would be recommendations on what baby products and gear you may want to add to your registry. Popular items and items that would not be useful would also be talked about during your consultation. The consultant will also help you set up the registry and help get things added.

General newborn care consultations can be in home one on one or on the phone. In home is recommended often so the team member can show you how to do certain things pertaining to the baby. For example: baby baths, clipping nails, feeding etc.

Consultations can be done in the hospital setting as well if the client feels they need more help at the hospital.

Breastfeeding consultations are done with a certified lactation consultant. This would be provided in home and then communication could be on the phone or through email as needed. They would help with all of your breastfeeding questions and needs.

Newborn care consultations are given by certified lactation consultants, certified sleep consultants, and certified baby planners.

For more information on consultations or becoming a new parent or parents visit www.ncta.online. The online course Newborn Care Workshop will provide you with more information on bringing home a new baby.