My baby will not sleep on its back for longer than 30 minutes. My baby will fall asleep in my arms and as soon as I put them down will wake up. How do I get my baby to sleep on its back for longer stretches at a time?

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a newborn’s life. It is important for your baby to sleep for brain development.

All babies are different and often new parents are overwhelmed with getting baby to sleep. Parents are tired, baby is tired, and everyone needs sleep.

Safe sleep habits are crucial for infants. This includes baby sleeping on their back on a firm surface including their bassinet or crib, nothing surrounds them (no stuffed animals or blankets), swaddled, white noise, and dark room.

Often parents are so tired that if baby won’t initially sleep on their back alone, the parents will do everything, and anything just get baby to sleep for longer stretches. This could include co sleeping in bed with them, having baby sleep in a space that isn’t safe for instance a dock a tot, swing, or bouncer. The sleep deprivation is real and becomes dangerous to how baby is sleeping if it is not in a safe place.

This is when new parents start looking for overnight care assistance. They are exhausted and just need help and guidance.

While babies must sleep, not all parents are interested in sleep conditioning. It is important for a baby to learn how to sleep as it is a learned skill and a form of self-regulation.

Starting baby on a routine early is important. A bedtime routine could include feeding at the same time every night, bathing, changing into PJ’s swaddling, book and put down to sleep awake but drowsy. If baby is unhappy on their back then soothing can be done, but then baby should be put back down to sleep.

With a routine, baby will eventually know the cues of bedtime. They will know that once bedtime routine starts, they will be going to sleep soon. Once a baby is swaddled, they usually associate it with sleep. Babies need consistency with their routine.

For more information on healthy sleep habits and sleep conditioning visit The online courses Safe Sleep Practices, Sleep Conditioning and the Newborn Care Workshop will all provide you with more information on healthy sleep habits and sleep conditioning.