Student Highlight Profile: Lisa Louden

Name Lisa Louden
NCS, Postpartum Doula, Pregnatal and Infant Massage Therapist , Night Nanny
Areas Served
Maryland , Pennsylvania
Services Provided
Newborn Care Consultations, Prenatal Massage, Infant Massage, PostPartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist
Why are you passionate about newborn care?
Since I was a child myself I was fascinated and passionate about newborns and babies! I love working with babies because of the sweet tenderness that they exude . Watching how they change and grow with each passing day is a wonderful miracle to be a part of . Nothing is more rewarding for me than careing and nurturing a newborn baby!
What is the greatest compliment you’ve ever received from a client?
The greatest compliment I received from a new mommy is how much I taught her when she brought her newborn home . That mom to this day tells people that she survived her postpartum time and did so well as a new mommy because I was her NewbornCare Specialist and Nanny 🙂
What do you enjoy about working with new families?
I love watching the awe and how new parents and new siblings smile when looking into babies eyes. Watching new parents and siblings bond with there babies is so rewarding and heart warming .
Let’s talk newborns: what is your favorite part about caring for newborns?
My favorite part of caring for a newborn is bath time , followed by infant massage and a swaddle topped off with snuggle time while rocking! Yes!!! Best part of my job hands down!
What is next for you? Are you preparing for a new certification or training event?
Yes , in April I plan on taking a lactation class and advanced sleep class. I will also be taking a Labor Doula Class as well. Learning and Education is knowledge , my motto.
What is one fun fact about yourself?
One fun fact about me is I almost do everything while randomly singing! I’m no professional however singing throughout the day is so good for the soul! I haven’t met a baby yet that doesn’t like my song bird style! Lol