White Noise MachineThe use of white noise to put a newborn to sleep may seem counterintuitive, however, white noise helps to emulate a familiar setting for your newborn. For the nine months that baby develops in the womb, she is exposed to a multitude of sounds. The womb is quite a noisy place to develop, as baby hears your voice and the voices around you, in addition to any surrounding music or noises. Many new parents attempt to keep the house quiet when Baby is sleeping, however, employing a white noise machine may help your baby sleep better through its ability to emulate the womb experience.


Benefits of White Noise

  1. Helps baby get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer
    By creating a constant stream of noise with a white noise machine, you are able to drown out other sounds that may disturb baby while he attempts to fall asleep. Similarly, sounds of the dishes or siblings running around the house will not be heard over the white noise machine, allowing baby to stay asleep.
  1. Calms your baby
    Many parents can be heard “shushing” their upset baby. This “shushing” sound is an imitation of the sounds heard in the womb. A white noise machine creates this shushing noise, without the risk of you running out of breath. This sound triggers the calming reflex in baby, allowing her to get back to her normal state.
  2. Mom will get more sleep
    By using white noise, you can also drown out the baby’s noises as he sleeps. When Mom is not waking up every moment to go check on your baby after every gurgle, she can get more restorative sleep as your baby gets used to not being           comforted as often during sleep

     4. White noise is an inexpensive sleep aid
         White noise can come from a variety of sources. White noise sound for a newborn’s nursery can come from apps for Android and Apple that play white noise, a radio tuned to an AM station, or sound machines, to name a few.



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